Is this still a real business or reality TV? EasyJet: A PowerPoint from it’s founder

About two week ago @Chatta290 shared the following post on EasyJet including a rather unprofessional letter from the EasyGroup founder Sir Stelios.

Today the Saga continues is one of the most insane business PowerPoints I’ve ever seen.

In it, the founder demands the removal of 4 directors from the company and the stop of payments to Airbus.

The presentation looks is using the most childish methods to attack the directors and Airbus, including some photoshop…

But have a look at the presentation and a few of the highlights below:

There’s a page on every of the 4 directors he wants to remove in there.

I would be highly interested in your opinions, do please comment below!


“Stelios will never forget the phone call after he got the job, at easyJet in 2017 Lundgren pronounced easyJet as easyYet”

But damn this PowerPoint has some interesting bits.

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Well that’s EasyJet haha what do you expect ?

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Well this is definitely very interesting…

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This is very disappointing, his staff are probably going to UNO reverse him and fire em’ instead! ;)

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This is just childish, honestly. It’s not a classroom argument, you are one of the largest airlines in Europe and this is what you do? They need to get themselves together.


There’s evidently a lot of division and tension high up in the easyJet boardroom, that’s if everyone can actually meet in the boardroom anyway… doesn’t look like it would end well. All this is doing is deterring the public from flying them later, so good job easyJet. Jet2 and Ryanair it is!

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Might seem childish but it’s transparency and it lets us know what is really going on. Stelios built the airline, I genuinely believe he makes fair points and the management likely think they are untouchables. Regarding Airbus, I do believe there were dodgy dealings between them personally. And from the get go they likely didn’t need all of these aircraft.


One of my favourite quotes too. Just utterly ridiculous and also why is it in third person narrator (“Stelios will”)

This seems more and more true…

I don’t even know what kind of role he actually holds in the company in the moment (please let me know!), but no one within the company should make such a presentation in my opinion.

Absolutely my opinion!

I am rather unsure wether this has actually any effects on people’s choice when flying, but I agree that this would not end well in a real meeting!

That’s a really interesting opinion and I am glad you shared it. I personally don’t think that there were any dodgy dealings leading to EasyJet ordering more aircraft then needed, but I wasn’t involved either obviously, so can’t know 100% for sure.


Me looking at this presentation:


And the saga continues with a 6 million offer for information on deals between Airbus and EasyJet…

“Lundgren pronounced easyJet as easyYet.”

damn, thats close to easyYeet

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