Is this song good for a new IF YT video that I want to make?


Video editing is really cool, I‘m editing already around 5 years. Music can destroy or level your video up. If you want to make an InfiniteFlight video check if the selected music is copyright free. After that you need to know what kind of video you want to create. For example if you want to make a video about fighters, select a fast and intense music beat. If you want to record a Cessna 172 flying, then select a slower and more chilled beat. It really depends on your content. Take some time and think about that and you‘ll find the right music for your video. Try to avoid the „default“ music which is used in every second video, try to find something special and unique.


ohh…thanks for the info…

i’m making one of flying a 767 btwn Shanghai Pudong and Tokyo

Is it day or night? Is the flight turbulent or not? Is there traffic? There are many factors. You need to find the best fitting music on your own. If you want to use the beat which you linked on your topic I can suggest to make slower and longer cuts.

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I think this topic is more suitable in #screenshots-and-videos

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ahh…thanks for the help :)

Listen to the song, try to think of how are you gonna make the transitions, what shots will you put there. Considering it’s a flight, think of how factors like suspense align with the timeline, and when you have a rough understanding of what you want to see - load up your editing software and make it happen.

Also no @Fung_Sum-sum, it shouldn’t be in #screenshots-and-videos as it doesn’t even have anything IF-related in the attached content


thanks alot…i try to take all the factors into consideration @Georgios_P and @Alexander_Nikitin…i’m a noob tho…still thanks for your help :)

Nothing to be ashamed of, we’ve all been noobs. I’ve personally spent years playing around with imovie on ipad before I even had a thought of making a fan-trailer. The thing with creative stuff like that is that it’s only the practice that makes perfect. Sure, you can take a course on a video editing software, but it will only give you the skill to make your ideas into life, not generating them in the first place. Think of it as language - you can perfectly know it, but unless you have something meaningful to say it will be useless.


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