Is this something I have to just accept and live with?

Two jet fighters just landed at KPHX in the Training Server without giving out radio calls, forcing me to do a go-around.

Is this common and just expected when in the Training Server?

My callsign is American 2585. One jet fighter callsign was Pegasus 019.


Ya this is common in TS😂


Great… I can’t get to Expert Server soon enough. I know that there is some trolling on ES, but hopefully it’s better than this?

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It is way better, trust me. I only fly on the expert server.


Why is that

Yes ! Absolutely.Expert Server is of Serious Simulation and expect ATC reports if not obeying them .I only fly on ES .It feels like am in a real-world.


I second that.


Because all of the trolls are driving me up the wall! I’m only another 30 landings from ES, and can’t get there soon enough. Once I’m there, I am flying only in the ES.

If people want to screw around, they should either fly in the Casual Server or on Solo Mode.

From my understanding, the Training Server was originally designed for actual ATC and protocol practice, and learning how to fly correctly.

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Do 30 touch and goes. It works


I used to do that, until I realized that I could do 50 touch and goes, and only 3 or 4 would actually register.

I would much rather do 30 full flights and build up my XP as well.

Alright then

Keep in mind that regardless of the serious intent of part of IF’s users (including me), all users - paying or non-paying, of any age, piloting experience, or personal attitude - can make it to any grade, and therefore any server.

Expectations of serious attempts at real world flight can only be maintained at ES’s ATC controlled airports.

Everywhere else the high end expectation is professional behavior, the low end is full free for all.

And this is the sad part, in my opinion. I remember when IF used to be alot more professional, in terms of people’s performance on the live servers. I took a multi-year hiatus from IF (for personal reasons), and while the simulator has increased greatly in terms of software, graphics, and other metrics, users have become less professional.

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Just a symptom of greater popularity and low barriers to entry…

Never worried about it myself, but avoiding flying in the non paying regions might subtract some of the worst behavior.

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I also fly infrequently enough that I’ve only run into a couple of cases of casual/careless behavior, so I’m not very bothered.

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Before my subscription expired, all my commercial flying was done via ES and I fly on IF quite a lot of times


Part of the reason I like simulators like Infinite Flight, FlightGear and X-plane is because of the realism.

I hope to get my GA license once I’m out of college, and Infinite Flight is super helpful in learning the real mechanics of flying.

Edit: For those wondering why I don’t fly on X-plane or FlightGear anymore, it’s because my new Macbook broke both simulators. Apparently the new M2 chip doesn’t like to play nice!

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Another way to have a bit of realism on TS is to fly on Tracking Threads… Those are opened by IFATC trainees so they cannot report, but at least they know what they are doing as ATC and can provide a great experience while you farm some landings on TS 😉

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I do when I can! I love the Tracking Threads! Unfortunately, they aren’t always open when I’m online.

Like I said, I’m in college. So I’m usually doing work, or in classes during the day. Not a whole lot of Tracking Threads open late at night.

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I may open this one later tonight…what’s your usual times?