Is this right?

On training server I was on SFO as Approach and when I was handing someone to departure it said Departurenw is this right or wrong 🤔 why is there an NW after departure image

Never seen this before!. it’s obviously a spelling mistake and I assume it’s a slight glitch. A relaunch of the app will most likely fix it

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I’m going to assume there are several departure frequencies and that’s for Northwest? Any airport editor should be able to answer :)


I think it’s the typo he’s worried about?

It is the w for West?


I don’t believe it’s a typo in that manner, besides the missing space in front of NW. But… @Moritz is perhaps awake? ;)


I’m not being a typo I’m just curious if that’s right or wrong unless it means North West

I’ll have a look if I can find the frequency that’s causing this and fix it if possible


Seems like the naming issue is caused by KOAK, I’ll change the name there for the next scenery push


Not a spelling error (I thought it was too after I first saw it). It’s for the North West departure frequency - most-likely used only when the server is very busy.

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120.90 — NorCal Departure NW-E, via Airnav.

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@KyleDepra. MaxSez, “Is this Right”, what a no nothing Topic subject. It’s a bloviator catch all. Suggest next time you utilize a declarative phrase. Max