is this really expert server

yes it happen on expert yesterday
believe your eyes

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I am confused on what you are referring to. That aircraft isn’t doing anything wrong.

Edit: I only saw one aircraft in the image

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Unfortunately, that does happen sometimes.
At uncontrolled airports, and even on expert, trolling/mistakes still happen.

What I assume you are referring to is the 2 aircraft landing at oppisite sides of the same runway


yes, shouldn’t land in red runways

Nope, misread the situation.

The plane landing on the red numbers, is not uncommon, just because its red doesn’t mean its not closed entirely


won’t they crash actually?

I fail to see how two aircraft landing at the same time from opposite directions is “nothing wrong” but ok…

Unfortunately, without atc, expert server tends to be like TS, it just comes with the territory as people won’t behave as well when they aren’t vein scrutinized. In very severe cases of trolling, you can send screenshots to a moderator for them to deal with.


You can land on red runways, and should do so if atc instructs you to do so or it supports the flow of traffic. Often times, when there is a light shift in winds and atc already has a long line, they will continue to utilize the red runways even though the winds may not favor it. Usually the threshold for needing to use a specific runway is 15 knts, anything below, and using a red runway is perfectly fine.


unfortunately it happens they should both have realized the issue and one should have gone around

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As far as who should have gone around, the prop plane appears to be lower, giving them the right of way. The Alaska flight on 08R should have gone around and saved the ship


This too…

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Unfortunately with a screen shot it is hard to tell who called in, where, in what order, and who went around if any.

The reality of the situation is that until every airport in the world can be staffed at the same time the risk is there. Majority of the pilots do follow the rules on expert server even when there is no ATC.

We are always looking for more ATC members!

I am going to close this thread to prevent it from turning into a pilot shaming thread where these pilots may have no way to defend themselves.