Is this realistic

hey ifc! i was wondering if this climb and decent profile was realistic for an e175. simbrief gave me this.

climb: 240/290/70
decent: 77/290/250

SimBrief is as realistic as it gets (For IF anyway). Just don’t use it for IRL flying.

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.70 seams slow the tutorial on YouTube said .76 to .78 is normal

that is what i was thinking but i am also climbing but i just went with 0.70 because simbrief said to do it

This suggest cruising speed of M.0.77 when TOD

It’s variable - yes, the listed cruise speed for the E175 is Mach 0.78. When I fly, I copy the cruise speed based on ground speed. I’ve found myself cruising well below that at times, generally on short hops, where I’ve cruised at 0.74 or even 0.67 once in an A321

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