Is this Realistic?

I was just test flying the 737 and a320 series and I noticed that when the plane is at a realistic weight for starting descent at a somewhat realistic vs of -1500 to -1800nm that the nose is pitching down 2-3 degrees. I was wondering if this negative nose pitch is realistic and it happens with real 737’s and a320’s. Thanks


Absolutely. Most 737s/A320s descend between -2000 and -1500fpm initially and slowly decrease until the final descent.


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Yea, but is the -2 to -3 degree pitch normal?

That’s a no from me

Yes - a maximum of -5° pitch is completely normal. Anything under that would be unrealistic.

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Sorry for replying so late to this thread. Been wicked busy at work. I’m currently on 777 heading to HNL for a well needed vacay😄🌴. Wifi is awesome!

Great question @Dhops . It’s good you took the initiative to fly notice something then ask a good question. So yes, the pitch attitude of a jet is usually not more than -2.5 degrees down in a cruise descent (thrust is above idle and 1000-1500 FPM).

If an idle descent is performed (thrust at idle power maintaining a 3 degree descent path) one may see up to a -5 to -7.5 nose down attitude and a higher FPM rate of 2500fpm.

A FPM (feet per minute) greater than approx 3500 or pitch of grater than 7.5 down can get uncomfortable for pax in back of aircraft.

Now, with all that said. The wing configuration is going to have an influence on your pitch attitude also. I think you were asking more about initial descent with flaps and slats up. I’ll just throw more info in and say when you are in the terminal area (on approach or getting vectored for final), having the slats and flaps out can still provide a high descent rate but your attitude can be almost level.

Hope this helps. Great question too

Jared Hodge
IFATC Controller / IF Mod


Thanks so much for getting back to me! This helps a ton. Have a wonderful vacation

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