Is this possible?

I’m currently flying from Tel Aviv to Newark with a 777-200ER flying Mach .84 climbing to 37000 from 33000. I’m currently a little bit past Scotland but my flight time is 11:13 and still have 6:30 left. How is this possible???

This could be winds… they are a major factor!

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it may be your speed. usually if is same time as irl

Did you do a flight before this and not end it?

No. I started a new flight in Tel Aviv

What are your winds now?

I have a headwind of 102 knots

That is probably your answer… Heavy winds.

That’s probably the answer to your issue

@CPT_Colorado @Captain_Cign

Winds can’t turn a 5 hour flight (Tel Aviv to Scotland) into an 11 hour one. Sure, they play a huge factor but their effects are not that severe to double the flight time.

@DanVenezuela Are you sure you’re looking at Flight Time? Can you send us a screenshot perhaps?


That’s strong, but i don’t think that would slow the flight time by 6 whole hours…

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He is headed to Newark

Yes, but a flight from Tel Aviv to Scotland (where he is now) is 5 hours and not 11 hours as it is showing for him now… Winds cannot be the only factor here :)

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It could possibly be your ETE?

According to, he wasn’t being battered by headwinds until recently as well.

Ive had an issue like this before. It happens when an on-screen popup decides to appear and it pauses you game so your plane is suspended in motion, and you don’t use any fuel, you don’t move, but your flight time racks up. Did you see an on- screen popup like a message saying your device needs to update?

I’m not flying to Scotland, I’m flying to Newark but I have been flying for 11 hours and still have 6 hours left. It would be 16 hours for a flight that would realistically be 11 hours

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Are you sure it is not your ETE to dest?

My ETE is 6:29 and my flight time is 11:25

If you have another device can you please provide us a photo of your flight time as well as your current location on the map?

I’d also recommend waiting for staff to swing by. These responses aren’t helping.

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