Is this only for me?

Today I was flew in PHNL I tried F-18, AIRBUS320, CRJ and other planes ,when I reach in taxi 27-30knts I got warning message TAXI SPEED WARNING.

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You were most likely noticing the airspeed of your aircraft…which can be different from ground speed.

27 kts - Airspeed may necessarily equal 35 kts - Groundspeed. (Depending on the wind)

Airspeed to Groundspeed difference depends on Windspeed and direction in relation to Aircraft direction and speed. There is no “most likely”! There is even NO “likely” at all…

Yes speed restriction on Ground is in Groundspeed, and the HUD main display is Indicated Airspeed wich might differ from Groundspeed.
But the HUD displays Groundspeed as well.
See here: Tutorial for the HUD

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This is what I meant…!

Nope, the overspeed taxi violations are back :D

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Airspeed and Groundspeed isn’t the same thing. When you are on the ground keep an eye out on your Groundspeed which can be found on your HUD.


This topic explains it really good.

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Slow down! This isn’t NASCAR or the Grand Prix. Planes don’t go drifting around the taxiways… now do they?