Is This Normal?

Check out the winglet of the AirBerlin plane below. I don’t live in Europe so I don’t know if this is normal. Is it? Also, can anyone tell that planes tail number?


Maybe AirBerlin bought a 737-800 from TUIfly and repainted it in the AirBerlin livery but forgot to repaint the winglet? ;)


They just replaced a singlet that was from a TUi aircraft.

Can you tell the tail number?


Someone posted it below.

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Perhaps a codeshare aircraft?

They don’t usually change anything for a codeshare.

They did on a British Airways concorde codeshare witth Singapore.

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No, that was a wet lease 😉 BA sent their crew along with the aircraft.

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Ok but half the plane was painted in BA livery still.

Airberlin has retired all their Boeings. This one is owned by TUIfly and is operated for Airberlin.

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No they still have some 738s running.

No it wasn’t.

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Wikipedia isn’t always correct. I think the rest is parked somewhere in Germany but not flying. Other 737s are owned by TUIfly.

When last I was in PMI I saw a Swiss registered 737. I believe it was operated by Belair.

Then when you look up Singapore Airways Concorde, why does it only show one side painted in Singapore livery?

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