Is this normal

As you can see, the ILS cone is bent slightly. Is this normal, or just me?

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Probably a glitch.

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I believe this does appear at some airports due to a structural thing… I experience this as well but the ILS works perfectly.

The globe is modeled as a cube so this is in result to that. It’s a tricky issue to track down but they are aware.


Just spawned in Solo and it looks like this is not just you. This may be a navigation bug. Thank you for the report.

This appears at many different airports such as LTFM and devs are aware.

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This is not a navigation bug as they dont draw the ILS cone. The answer was correct above. The world is on a giant cube and from time to time and ILS cone is on the edge of one and after all the processing may look a little wonky.

There is no action needed by you and has been this way since global came out. It is a particularly challenging issue to try to fix since it impact so few.


Thank you very much :)