Is this normal?

Currently, I’m trying to land at KSEA but atc has basically forgotten about me as I’m almost in Canada now with no instructions.

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Sometimes it happens that ATC forgets about you if it is very busy. I would just send a message to remind them about you!

It happens to me too, and I think it’s a bug, because I could listen to the ATC and I didn’t receive any instructions, so I contacted the controller and she said me that she was instructing me.

Just check you’re on the frequency, you’re on the live server, and unless there are aircraft somewhat ahead of you, and check their FPL to get the idea of the arrival pattern.

Ok yes I think you’re being back on ATC instructions now?


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It happens often. ATC is just busy and you just have to wait. After some time let ATC know that you are :)

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