Is this low of a turn even allowed?

So I was just coming to fly a few patterns in expert server in a 172 and when I started taxiing, an A320 came straight over some other 172 players.

Is this low of a turn, even allowed?

Could it be a poor executed go around/balked landing?

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It was a pattern, he just landed for a touch and go

Moved this to #live for you.

Shouldn’t be allowed if this was on Expert 👀


Not too much to worry about if it happened once. He could have control issues. Not expert behaviour though

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He might have made a Go around or probably he’s playing around …
Usually on go around its seen most 😀
Well rip passengers that’s all

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Yeah. It didn’t hurt anyone so I’m fine with that

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“Expert server”


I think if he weren’t interfering with you guys it should be fine… I am not too sure though

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Agreed. Nobody was affected so that’s fine by me!

He did crash on the next landing


Not recommend, but it happens. At the very least be at 500ft aal before turning, unless mountains etc

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Thanks, I’ll remember for next time to put things like this on Live


This happens to me when I have control setting on low.

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