Is this legal?

There is no way if u say Casual. Let’s try in Expert and on Active Controller😬

Just pretend in the casual server than you are in the expert server and follow the same rules. I occasionally hop back into the casual server and apply what i learnt in the expert server into the casual server. Dont worry, if you start doing super long haul flights and frequent flights, you will soon start climbing the ranks of the servers!

It’s called casual for a reason…

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its like Farnborough air show on the casual server!

If you want a professional flying experience, go to expert server!


I think from here it’s pretty clear that on Casual server people do what they want because they can’t get Violations for it.

Training server is a little more rule based and you can receive Violations for breaking rules

Expert is a lot stricter rule wise so I do suggest you work to getting to the Expert server so you don’t have to worry too much about it.

But of course at the end of the day people will be people and some do what they want

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