Is this legal?

I was ready to takeoff of Runway 9L, I had already contacted the ATC and everything was set, that’s when I saw a condor plane taking off from the other side of the runway, the plane took off but then landed and crashed into me almost like it was on purpose. I checked the ATC history and there was no trace of it ever communicating. That’s when I recognised the plane and callsign and saw this is not the first time this person crashed into me. The first time is when I was taxing and they went straight at me at 180 knots.

Is there a way I can report or contact this person? They have no trace of an account on IFC.

This was in the Casual Server.


They say, casual

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Its casual server which really you can’t report or do anything about it so you get people trolling or something like that.

Casual server is for people to learn and Moderators cant do anything on casual Server. you should hop into the Expert server for a seamless flying experience.

But I don’t have access, I just got pro the other day for the first time so I must get used to it.

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Unfortunately this is correct. But it gives a great learning lesson to multiplayer flying as you work your way through the servers. 🙂

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Well even the expert server isn’t what it used to be back in the day


Dude… did you just said… CASUAL SERVER?

Casual server is a playground. It’s not for learning or any serious flying unless you wanted to but it’s just not made for that…

take a look at AviatorDan's video link, this is allowed on casual:

Infinite Flight Casual Server but with Wii Music #shorts - YouTube

Either you go to Training Server or Expert Server.

On Training, it’s pretty much like Casual but more serious as here’s where people tries to learn, but still no reporting could be done.

On Expert, that’s where the real deal is, all matters are taken seriously. But just be forewarned, when there’s no ATC present some people still breaks the rules and you may report them if they’re still going on about it - but back-reportings (when an incident has passed, especially for a long time and you just decided to report the following week) are usually not supported.

Yes All Legal At Casual Server

Alright, thank you, as I stated before I don’t have access which means I must get used to CS.

Just out of curiosity, how did you contact the ATC on the casual server?


On the bottom left corner, the headphone button.

Most likely referring to unicom.

@Hyperavation the casual server has no set rules, meaning anyone can essentially do anything without the worry of being reported and receiving violations.

The casual server is pretty much an aviation playground! ✈️ For more serious flying, the expert server is the place to go once you meet the requirements. Hope this answered your question!


Alright, Thank you. I understand now.

Aha, that’s the problem. There’s really nothing you can do in the casual server. If you want as much realism as possible, use the expert server.

Find a quiet airport on casual away from all the popular ones, to get your hours and landing to the required level, trolls like the popular airports.

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Technically it’s not a matter of legality. Might be against the developers rules though.

Well that’s casual(ty) server at it’s finest, really.

its pretty simple, if its casual server, anything goes, no rules

It’s casual server, anything can happen there.