Is this just me?

Hi guys. Is this just me, or are flights in IF a little big shorter then IRL? Not a problem, just noticed it.

Well there’s a variety of factors. Maybe your cruise speed is too high for a certain aircraft, or maybe it’s winds. Certain approaches/departures have speed restrictions too

When i look at flight times online i believe they add on 30 minutes for any issues. Other than that i don’t know.

Many will climb too quickly compared to real life. Do you have an proof or just a feeling. I’ve been doing some real routes and the time is similar. Not exact but close enough.

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You’ve also got to take into account lower than usual traffic for some airports it means the actual departure can expedited by 20 minutes. It seems that a number of factors are attributing to a shorter flight and i suppose they all add up to a significant reduction.

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My flights are sometimes longer than the IRL flight.

Sometimes they’re shorter… like I did SVO-IAD two nights ago. IRL was 10:43 and I ended it at 9:35 and still overshot the airport by an hour.

it is just you

Also remember in the real world airports are busy, in Infinite Flight is there is no traffic you can just land but in the real world if it is busy you will have a long approach. Or sometimes have to hold

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It’s often that you might cruise to fast or climb to fast. I don’t find the flight time exact but pretty close.

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I actually find my flight time to be almost exact because whenever i do a flight I’ll make a flight plan first using and they gave me the flight time and block time and after landing i always check my flight time and i am either early for few mins or late for few mins depends on traffic and speed whether did i follow the speed filed on my flight plan . So to asnwer your question , the time in IF are exact so don’t worry ;)

Thanks guys!

Actually it’s mostly cruise speed, because we use fixed speed in IF but RW flight are often a bit slower (especially if crossing the atlantic)

I did a flight from San Diego to Seattle Tacoma Airport to compare the time from my flight IRL and it felt almost the same but it’s a few minutes off.

Same here it’s like 2 or 3 mins difference

Sometimes, the flight times online list the whole entire flight time from gate-to-gate. Your flight time in Infinite Flight is pretty much based off the time spent in air unless you look in the logbook, that’s why it’ll show a bit shorter, but the time in air is pretty much the same as real life.
However, like Lucas said, a lot of people often fly too fast for their aircraft in Infinite Flight. Often times I see people cruising in 737’s at M0.8-0.85. The cruise speed for a 737 IRL is M 0.78-0.79.

If you are looking at airline flight times, take note, they always add a additional 30-90 minutes depending on the flight time to include flight time and any unexpected delay.

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