Is this just me?

I was flying a United 744 out of LAX in solo and the place flew sideways. So is it just me being a bad pilot or can 744s fly sideways? Is it a glitch?


More information would help us better understand your issue. :)


Let’s give the original poster a chance to respond please! Thanks in advance;)


I highly doubt this is a piloting issue, I think it’s a known issue, I remember someone experiencing the same issue on landing.


I just recorded a video of the replay but I can’t put it on here. My plane just randomly went on to the taxiway when I was pulling up then it somehow flew like it was thrown from a slingshot.

If able you’re welcome to upload it to YouTube, even just unlisted, and share it here.


Share some screenshots of the video if you can’t post the video here ;)

This is the video


What in the world did I just watch…

Did you try to fly the plane or did it just fly by itself?

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Ouch, maybe a combination of pilot error (no rudder to keep yourself aligned with the rwy) and a bug (plane actually takes off facing sideways)?

Keep it cordial CannedAviation! Everyone started somewhere. Thank you for understanding.


It just flew by itself once I pulled back


Have a look at our great flight tutorials. These aircraft are intricate machines that require control from the pilot. You will get the hang of things!

It looks like you made a sudden movement with the yoke and hard use of the rudder, causing you to make your plane behave the way it did. Be sure to stay on the center line, and don’t make any sudden (very hard) rudder movements. Happy flying!

Arkin, can you recall the winds? I can see it affecting your ailerons which makes me think it was strong… that mixed with a lack of input on takeoff likely caused the Tony Hawk reaction.


Here’s my settings (the game closed)


Make sure that your device is in a stable position and properly calibrated before takeoff. As mentioned above the Flight Tutorials are a great stepping stone to enhance the Infinite Flight experience. The use of your rudder, throttle usage and manipulation of the aircraft is covered with the in depth play by play provided by FDS Staff Memeber Mark Denton.


Alright I’ll try again

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How do you screen record your ipad like that? i’m having some issues on approaches I’d like to record and upload