Is this joystick works with IF?

Hello , am thinking to buy a joystick for IF … i read many topics about the joysticks but unfortunately i dont have a pc or laptop… so am asking if this joystick works ??

PXN-6603 Wireless MFi Certified Gamepad Bluetooth Game Controller Joystick for iPhone/iPod/iPad/Apple TV/Tello/Parro

Or if you have an idea about a joystick thats work with IF without using pc thanks

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For that price point, I would recommend purchasing a an actual Airbus Type joystick


If you are using an apple device it wouldn’t work as I think for apple you need live flight connect. Android you can use OTG cable.

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You could possibly use inflight connectI don’t really know but I’ve heard rumors you can

I use a Nimbus Steelseries, which looks very similar (I had to add on my own holder clip).

It works ok I guess, but there are a couple of issues - one of which I would love to see changed by FDS.

  • It can ‘timeout’ which means that during a long flight if I don’t press any buttons it will sleep or disconnect. Not sure if this is on IF of the controller’s end. The main issue is that turning the controller back on doesn’t reconnect it, so I am back to tilt controls.
  • Lack of multiple inputs. It would be good if FDS could make a ‘modifier’ button, so for example holding down Y or a shoulder button makes the joysticks, D-pad, other buttons etc. have different functions, so it would be possible to have a stick control the camera, make the D-Pad use for actions etc

haha it’s called the Steelseries Nimbus (Steelseries is who makes it, Nimbus is what the product is called)

yes it would work with iOS without Live Flight Connect because it has bluetooth

Did you try it before with IF ??

Yes, I used to have one. I would prefer to buy a logitec extreme pro instead for half the price, even though it was not wire less.

If you have an Apple device, you have to have infinite flight connect on a PC or a MACBOOK in order to use a joystick. I don’t recommend a controller like Xbox or PlayStation. I’ve tried and tested it. Don’t do it 😂 best to get a thrustmaster warthog.

Or you could try the Hotas

Those include throttle controls and extra mapable buttons for strobes etc…

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