Is this info true?

Saw this in flight radar. Is a speed above 700 knots possible in a 757?


Somebody’s behind schedule!
Don’t forget that is his ground speed not indicated airspeed.

But 742 kts at 34000 ft? That’s about 1.02-1.03 Mach!

That’s crazy. I suppose it’s possible though. FR24 has never let me down! Maybe a strong tailwind.

The Boeing 757’s maximum cruise speed is 493 knots his ground speed was 742 knots making his indicated airspeed about 422 knots
So yes he is below the maximum cruise speed.


How do you know what his IAS is?

I went on a flight sim climbed to 34,000ft and waited for my ground speed to climb to 743kts and then found out the airspeed.


True, but you don’t know the winds where he was. If there was a headwind, the IAS would have been greater. Who knows, I’m sure they were in the envelope.

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Yeh all that could be different but I just wanted to find a rough airspeed because I couldn’t find a calculator to do it for me. As you said they must have been within the envelope.

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he probably has had some heavy Tailwind.

1374 km/h O.o

it might be ground speed…

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Yeah that is quite possible

It is

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