Is this guy trolling, or I really need to see tutorial again?

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So yesterday I was on a flight from EGBB to EIDW (training server), everything was just fine when Dublin tower contacted me and tell me this :


But when I check ATC, apparently I haven’t reach tower frequency range :

So I think I will wait till I reach tower range and continue descending and get closer. Seems nothing wrong when I finally in tower frequency range, I called for inbound, and tower responded with clear to land. I didn’t do screenshot as I thought at this moment everything’s fine.


As I came closer to final, tower start to contact me again, like a zillion times :

I was already on final so at that moment I was just thinking to report my final position, but tower still insist and instructed me with multiple different instructions :

So I was instructed to :

  • contact ground (when still airborne)
  • then contact approach,
  • then not cleared to enter the runway (I was still 7000ft MSL)
  • airport not accept incoming airplanes due to heavy traffic (which there was no airplane at all in there)
  • go around to runway 28
  • contact departure

So I have had enough and finally climb again and decided to divert to next airport ahead of me, and landed at EINN safely. That was fortunate that I have enough spare fuel :)

so this is the guy on ATC :

am I being trolled, or am I need to check tutorials again? or he needs to check his ATC tutorial?


Its training server… what do you expect?
It’s him trolling you.


why, just… why…?


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He shouldn’t be spamming you, its hard to see if you did anything wrong but he seems to be a troll. Its the training server so you cone to expect that sort of thing. Its great to see that you would like to learn from any mistakes you could have made, but in this scenario you were not doing anything wrong from the looks of things.


I’ve had atc telling me to contact me when I was out of frequency too. TS1 atc can just be horrible sometimes

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People will be people, not much you can do except fly on the Expert server.


yeah I’ve seen a lot of hilarious things in here, but usually the pilots, not the ATC hahaha

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Why I fly Expert only. Work hard, earn a spot in Expert and GET OUT!


I’m in the process of going there buddy, definitely will hop out of TS immediately when I’m ready to, hahahaha


can’t we pilot report the ATC if this happened?

there’s no XP/Grading/violations if you are an ATC?