Is this game appropriate

What the users above were referring to is the reporting feature if a pilot misbehaves on the expert server online and doesn’t follow instructions. Reporting is also known as ghosting. Folks just remember that the user doesn’t know some of the features within the simulator which can add some confusion communicating with them. :)


The most dangerous part of this game is flying on the casual server.


Planes flying through each other on casual server… although they don’t physically touch, it goes right through… that’s just a fun thing apparently on casual server


@JuulianSammmy some people are joking around here, there is absolutely no violence or explosions I n this game it is all professional :) hope to see you in the future


Guys, they are making a legitimate inquiry. Joking about something can bring up more questions and confusion as they don’t know some of the inner stuff that happens within the sim. Anyways, again hope to see you in the skies!


Infinite Flight us a 100% simulator/game that is for everyone. It is easily approachable and has a great community. (This is the community) if you want a friendly environment and something to help with your quarantine boredom, this is the place to do it. I hope to see you up in the Infinite Flight skies soon! If you need any help don’t be shy to send me a message once you reach TL1 (Trust level) On that note a Trust level is a way to make sure we can trust you and make sure the community will be a place for everyone. Check out the topic I have linked below, but do keep in mind those are not the real requirements. 😊


You realize this is a flight simulator right? And FYI no there is none of these and it’s tated for everyone (3+) on android and 4+ on IOS

I like how we actually legitimately answered with no other questions or remarks. Good work team. 🙌👏

I hope you can get this game, and that you and your mother can be rest assured your passion will be greatly improved with us here. Our community is a safe environment too, no bad stuff will appear here, and even if it does a great moderation team are here to help.:)

I hope to see you in the skies, and once you’ve got a taste of the game, consider purchasing a subscription! It will really enhance your experience, and as you learn about our community and how the sim works, you’ll be loving it 😄

If you need any help don’t hesitate to reply here or make another topic, the same with Sasha55 I’m always up for a message if you don’t understand anything once you’ve reached TL1. 🙂


This game is more family friendly than microsoft solitaire. Most likely the reason it might show up as Teen could be due to it being a simulator but I’m not sure.


Show your mom Infinite Flight’s YouTube Channel.


The crash sound is close to the sound of glass breaking in Minecraft, so nothing to be afraid about. Hope to see you in the skies soon!


We’re not X-Plane, we don’t have our aircraft catching fire and breaking when I Land/Crash, so I’d say it’s pretty safe.


I love how everyone is basically just repeating each other now.

Great job guys! 😂