Is this even considered ‘plane spotting’?

Hi everyone! I was taking flight HX608 (B-LNR) from Hong Kong to Narita on 20/12, and I took some photos of plens in VHHH, which is pretty fun, but dang my phone was like a microwave, hot.
Anyways, may I present to you…

VHHH Plane-spotting (kinda.)

B-LPD Hong Kong Airlines… waiting for the big brother a330 to cross thru

CX 777 twins towing while ‘polar bear’ takes off

view of VHHH terminal with several CX planes parked

Same plane B-LPD following B-LNR to the runway

‘Come on kids, let me show you the ropes.’

B-LEF HK express clean livery 🥵

HK ATC tower with B-LNR wing

B-LNO needs a wash fr 💀

Apologies for poor quality
It’s taken from a phone lmao 💀💀
(skill issue tbh)

Btw, happy Christmas! 🎄
Should I ‘plane spot’ more? Tell me pls



NO, those pictures are so bad that we can’t consider it’s spotting

Obviously joking. Enjoy Tokyo and merry christmas 🎄!
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tru tbh 😭
I mean what can u expect from pics taken in a phone? 💀💀
Thanks btw

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I mean I can’t take any better photos lol

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Amazing photos! Yes it is plane spotting because you are still taking pictures of planes, Merry Christmas!

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Yeah definitely.

My rule of thumb: The further south in Asia you go, the dirtier the planes get.


I mean I have taken CX ANA Japan Airlines planes they pretty clean
But when it comes tho HX, HK express, Korean Air Vietnam air it gets rlly dirty
At least from my experience haha


Bro has better camera in his phone than mine😮‍💨😭 btw great and beautiful pics i would give solid 10!!

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Yesss you should PLANE SPOT more

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