Is this enough spacing?

Hey guys I just wanted to ask before I sleep, are these waypoints any good? The question i’m asking, is will my planes go in circles for hours until it touches the waypoint or should I be fine?

Point A to Point B - 9.7NM
Point B to Point C - 16.6NM

Am currently going Mach 0.85 so i’m not sure if speed would be a factor if something happens. If you are wondering this flight plan was taken from SimBrief ( Anyway help would be very appreciated. Thanks!

I would remove 2 of them to be honest. If you over fly one you’ll be circling all night.

Just keep Point A or Point C ;)


It would be a close call but think you can make it. Or do what Levet said would be a better option!


I think that I would be smart to remove the point between the two.

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Yeah I was really anxious because I could either wake up happy to land early in the morning, or I could be stubborn all day that I have to land in EGLL.

Thank you so much and will do :)


Have a nice flight! Glad we could help 😎 ✈️ 🌊