Is this correct?

I thought that in the UK it was supposed to say “Stansted Radio” instead of “Stansted Traffic”. It said “radio” at Heathrow. Is this right?

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Read again. Slowly. Take a look at the picture.

Answering OPs question, as far as my knowledge goes, it should have said Stansted Radio, instead of Traffic. Probably a bug. Good find!


I believe this might be to do with the fact that the system seems to only recognise the exact string: “United Kingdom” as the country property as a means of deciphering whether to use “radio” or “traffic”.

In Stansted’s case, the country property is "United Kingdom " (note the space), therefore it doesn’t get recognised as a UK airport and thus uses “Stansted Traffic”.

So yeah, probably just not tested thoroughly enough :P


Will have this fixed for the next update, hopefully resolving the issue.

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