Is this Correct/Normal

So I was on my flight tracking app and curiously looked at North Korea and to my surprise, two planes on their approach into SHE in South Korea. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out they were shot down, what do you think?

Was it Air Koryo?

No, I’m positive because A, these flights would not come up and B, I looked at the flight number and it was China eastern and some other South Korean airline.

Supposedly, South Korea holds a lottery to allow people with families in North Korea to go and visit them. I’m not sure whether they use the border route or fly them over, so the South Korean one could be that airline.

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Yes but that seems odd, I’ve heard Air Koryo and Korean Air are the only airlines allowed in and out of North Korea, no exceptions. The planes that I tracked were China Easteren and another airline (not sure if it was Korean) but I’m positive it wasn’t Korean Air.

What kind of aircraft?

I didnt look but they came from other countries like Shanghai and Bankok I believe so they had to be somewhat bigger aircraft

That makes it much more difficult to figure out.

What do you mean exactly?

Because I’m not sure if Air Koryo flies that routes. But, they may have switched the callsigns by accident on your app.

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Maybe, Yes I do find it weird and also I found that Air Koryo flies to Bejing Shanghai Vladovitsk and one other place so it seems weird for any type of plane to be in North Korea no problem, but who knows it could have been a mixup

Yes but the problem with that is its 10:53 there now and the next arrival is at 4:30 pm or something

Some Chinese aircraft are allowed to overfly NK because the Chinese are still kinda friendly with the North Koreans.

Why wouldn’t air koryo flights show up? Even if they use a really old Garmin gps doesn’t mean you can’t track them; they can be tracked

Don’t Air China and MIAT fly there?

Currently, Air Koryo and Air China fly to North Korea. Soon Spring airlines will probably fly to North Korea too.

And Air China,into FNJ.

Air koryo is not allowed into South Korea and Korean air isn’t allowed into North Korea.

@Ace_Gaming… Pyongyang Sunan International Airport (IATA: FNJ, ICAO: ZKPY) is the main airport serving Pyongyang, capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). It is located in the city’s Sunan-guyŏk district, 24 kilometres (15 mi) from the city’s centre. The airport is the main hub for the national flag carrier, Air Koryo, and is served by only one other airline, Air China. (Wiki)

(Commercial Carriers other than Air China may service FNJ by exception and w/ official permission on a case by case basis.)