Is this an issue?

I was flying the new Lauda A320 from Vienna to Riga about 10 minutes ago on the expert server. I (nearly) had a close call with Air Baltic 394:

We were only about 1000 feet apart, but going very fast. We could have collided, despite having ATC.

600ft of separation…
Not sure what to say here to be honest. You could’ve stopped your descent, he could’ve stopped his climb but that’s the could have would have story.
Sadly this happens a lot… even with approach/departure present it seems like ATC tends to focus on traffic close to the airport which means you’re on your own… Experienced this a lot, had a lot of unpleasant chats with ATC about this and in my honest opinion, no one cares about this issue…
This is sadly a ‘Cover Your Own Butt’ situation…


Was there a radar controller or just local?


i think i got reported a while back for something like this

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Sweden Centre was available, but I was told to change frequency. So we were connected to Riga tower.

Ok, thank you.

And what type of approach did you request?

GPS approach.

If I’m honest, I’m seeing a lack of details here.

It is possible that the center controller didn’t wish to provide approach services. If there was an ILS approach, they should have stuck with you until the proper handoff.

If it was a RV request, then the controller should hand you off at a recognizable position such as DW or base. Where you’d then call inbound for landing. Tower would issue a pattern entry and sequence. And at that time would be “see and avoid” for you. The local controller does not have the ability to vector or assign altitudes. At most it would be “traffic alert, check surroundings immediately.” So if that’s the case, then yes it would have been a good idea to either stop your descent and the departing pilot to stop the climb as well.

If you’d like to send your replay, I’d be happy to take a look.


I just tuned into Riga tower and asked permission to land. First the tower tells me to enter right downwind runway 18, that was the moment Air Baltic 394 lifted off the runway. Air Baltic 394 took a 90ish degree right turn as they reached 800 feet. Air Baltic was 3500 feet high and I was descending through 7800 feet when I got cleared to land. But because of my autopilot following the GPS LNAV the plane did a slight left turn, making the plane head closer to Air Baltic 394. Here are the things that should have happened:

  1. ATC should have seen me on right downwind runway 18 and made Air Baltic fly the runway heading for longer.
  2. I should have deactivated the LNAV and stop my descent.

I am aware that it wasn’t just ATCs fault. Me and Air Baltic 394 should have been more aware of our surroundings. At the end of the day it wasn’t really a close call anyway.

It happens IRL where two planes are 1,000 feet of each other

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