Is this an infinite flight record?

Well I just completed a 33 hour 22 minute flight. No stops. I did have one go around though. Step climbing was a great factor. Can anyone guess the plane? Also is this a Infinite flight record?

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While this isn’t a record breaker, you’d just about make the list here!


In one go? No stops? No refueling

777 LR is the plane

Yep. The legend himself did that

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The highest record for non-stop was by @AndrewWu with 73:33

@MJP_27 no, that was with stops, and @iidvdii actually took over with 127.


Yep. Just realized that 🤦🏻‍♂️

I was trying to find that topic and I forgot he did the stops


Thanks for validating my data numbers. I predicted the 77L would be able to do 33hr 14m, but I was too lazy to test it. Looks like that number is pretty accurate.

Yeah it definitely could’ve gone longer if it weren’t for the go around

Also what plane did you get your record in

How much longer? I might’ve just taken some slightly incorrect data points, or the 77L could just be insane in the last 10% load and I didn’t account for that.

My record was in the DC10F

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Other topic for records has been linked