Is this an IF screenshot in this article?

So I’m not starting this topic because of the “world’s safest airlines” but because I’d like everyone’s opinions on the photo of the Qatar A380 which is number 2. I swear it looks like the photo is from infinite flight and wanted to get someone else’s opinion.

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Eh, it doesn’t really look like it to me. Good air-to-air photography, plus you can see some clouds in the horizon which aren’t in IF yet


Ok yeah I agree. It definitely looks infinite flighty

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Only that the A380 in IF, has the registration, A7-AKA, not A7-APA as in the picture shown in the article. Also in IF, the registration is not shown underneath the left-wing, so, not a picture that was taken from IF, but rather real life… but it sure does look very “simulator”-like, I’d say that much.


I can see it

Well! It certainly does look like an IF screenshot…but as stated above by others, evidence suggests otherwise.

Also I edited the title, so that people won’t be confused and try and put this in #real-world-aviation and/or close it.

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There is a registration on the wing. There was no registration on the wing in IF

It is very close to IF. When the a380 in IF gets a rework I’d say this photo could be made easily.

Okay thanks folks. I wasn’t sure if my eyes were working correctly. To me it doesn’t look like a actual photo but a simulator.

Here’s the original picture from Airbus’ website:

It’s 100% real, this picture was taken by Airbus with air to air cameras by having other aircraft fly alongside the A380.

Here’s a video of it:


Wow, it really does look like it’s from IF. Maybe the devs are keeping the truth from us…

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The fact that people think that real-life pictures were taken in Infinite Flight and vice versa really proves that the devs did a magnificent job.

Also, that’s true. Infinite Flight is actually a train simulator. You think that you’re doing a long-haul flight but in reality your driving the Bakerloo Line from Paddington to Oxford Circus.