Is this an Easter egg?

Hi there so i bought my subscription today, and when i was test flying the A330 i saw this:

That is an iphone 12 i think


Oh yea me to idk many aeroplanes have stuff like that I think the 767 had a magazine on the side.

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Look to the very left and down of the captain’s seat and you’ll see a drink

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Water bottle or Pepsi/Coke can

Its a soda can

There is also an infinite flight bag in the A330 cockpit

Yeh I saw that
Pretty cool feature

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Look closer at the captain’s iPhone screen and you’ll see a familiar app installed there :)


Yeah, a copy of Model Airplane News. I think this is the exact issue in the sim.


Don’t know how it would be an Easter egg. It’s the same as the Pepsi can or magazine.

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This I guess is just something IF put in the game!

Not too sure about you all but I quite find the Infinite Flight aviation bag behind the captains seat a cool little feature or Easter egg

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In witch Airplane is the Pepsi drink ?

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If you zoom in the phone you will notice that it has infinite flight downloaded.

This is an Easter egg. Not even Easter smh my head…


Ahhh cool remember very well know.

Infinite flight inside of infinite flight?

Simulation in a simulation :)

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