Is this allowed?

I will talk it over with a mod just to clarify.


It’s allowed. Can an IFATC member come and confirm, please?

Thats the best option but i think no, but the answer chris gives is the real one or the mods

I would look at it as a callsign of a plane as stated above or it could also represent an individual’s initials.
All I can say is try to be mature regarding things like this because others could see this as an offensive remark.


Just to confirm, will you or will you not be reported for this?

Imagine. ATC chilling out. A plane enters his control zone…
“Good day, OK-WTF, inbound 18L”

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Depends on controller… i think.

Lol that’s funny! 😂😂

Personally, I would be sending a message to change the callsign. I see it as disrespectful to have on a public server

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Buut i think you may remove that ghost or something like that… by showing screenshot that is a real aircraft Registration LMAO


I feel the same way!

You are correct and thats what I said above. People will always view callsigns and take offence to something.

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Also i’m seeing most in sky callsign UR-MUM… that’s… disrespectful most…

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To my knowledge that is a callsign that is blocked

Yea that’s a word that’s normalized in today’s society. 😭

nope i saw IFATC plane with it xD


😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 no…….

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Never used a strange callsigns… only real one… why people love to hear OK-WTF is inbound runway 25R what’s funny there lol

Exactly…. 😅😅

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So its ok if I have a callsign as RA-1720R? RA represents the beggining of my name (Rastko) and 1720R are my fav numbers together and R as my surname (Roza).
So, something like that is allowed and i wont be in a problem?