Is this against the rules?

Hey, guys. I have one question for you. Someone copied my flight plan and followed me by F14 on the training server, is that a violation?If I do that, will I be reported?It didn’t bother me but I just want to know if it is a violation and what will happen if I do it.
I’m not going to do that, though.

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First of all, this is the training server. Only level 1 violations are issued
Next, someone following you in an F-14 is not an offence. Escorts are cool.


Thanks. So what if it’s on the expert server?

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As long as you and the F-14 have a safe distance, everything will be fine

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I would suggest reading through this fighter etiquette guide

You must be careful with your spacing when “escorting”. And not everyone likes it when they have a fighter flying around them. It’s also important to give the aircraft the proper spacing when on approach

(I personally do not like when a fighter is buzzing around me)


I understand. Thanks! I don’t really feel like escorting right now, but if I want to do that, I’ll be careful with the distance.

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Also, to be sure, if the person you want to escort has an IFC account, feel free to PM first before that. That’s just to be sure they have consent of being escorted :)

Otherwise, be just careful and respect the fliying rules


If you want to maintain close distance between aircraft in an escorts, both/all aircraft in the escort should use “flight of…”, then this will be fine on the expert server too and ATC will treat you as one, allowing for landing at the same time - eg. Fighter formation. 😁 Although make sure that on the expert server, both you and the other aircraft have planned the escort, or are both aware as to be respectful.

On the training server, only level 1 violations are issued, and ATC cannot issue reports. But you should be respectful here too.

If you would like to fly with no rules, then you also have the casual server, where you can do all various stunts.

Copying a flight plan is not against the rules, neither is escorting.

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make sure to escort at the planes cruise altitude. One time I saw @texasaviation flying up at 30 something thousand feet and I went up in an F16 and intercepted him so your fine unless its an ATC controlled area.

For copying FPLs I dont know why someone would get mad about this and its as far is I know not against the rules

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Oh trouble…causing ruckus in the F-16 out here haha @StormyAviation

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What are you talking about

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it happened a few months ago. You were flying a southwest 737 out of KMSY and I intercepted you.

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Oh yeah I think I remember that 😂

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No, it is not a violation.

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