Is this Accpetable @Expert KMIA

I was just flying out of KMIA and the ATC seemed not super responsive. I then checked and this is what i saw! image image

Is this accpetable for an IFATC to do ground,tower,departure and approach all at once!!!

I don’t think this is good 😑

‘Tim’ the controller only has 180,000 operations

Someone help me on this

An ATC Supervisor can open all frequencies at once. The reason he’s not responding fast is because he’s controlling multiple frequencies.

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Well, if he has the experience, qualifications and feels capable of handling all frequencies, I say why not

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WOW ok. i did not know that. He is very brave

Lol, “only.”

He’s fine. One of our best controllers, actually. You’re in safe hands.


I just took off at KMIA and it was ok. I’d probably just have opened approach and not departures too.

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Ok guys. I’m sorry. i didn’t know his capability 😰.

That looks like it was @Tim_B but could be wrong

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This Guy needs a medal

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@Tim_B you absolute beauty on KMIA. Thanks so much. You are amazing to control all of that. Best wishes


Took off not long ago same thing but still fine @Jack_BC

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180,000 Ops is INSANE. Like the others said if he is doing that he is beyond qualified. You are absolutely in good hands with this guy.


I don’t think i understood the scale of observations

Hey Tim,

you seem annoyed and i completely understand that from my first phrasing.

I do apologise for my conclusion jumping. I just wasn’t understanding the situation well enough.


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@Tim_B PM me if needs but mods can now close

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It’s cool. I’ll PM. I was just a tad staggered by “only 180k”