Is This A Transatlantic Flight? | Air Azores Launches Flights To Bermuda

SATA, aka “Air Azores” from the Azores, a group of islands in the central Atlantic, closer to Portugal has announced plans to launch flights to Bermuda, a island in the central Atlantic closer to Florida. So with this announcement, can we call it a transatlantic flight? Technically, it is going across the Atlantic but not fully. When you think of transatlantic, you think of Miami to London or Washington DC to Paris… But you don’t think about the two islands in the middle of the Atlantic. We do not have information yet about what aircraft this will be operated by, no major news reporters have picked up on this, but there has been plenty of announcements from Twitter so we hope that is true.


Ponta Delgada to Bermuda will be on the regular A321neo.

Flights are bookable through external sites such as Google Flights and Expedia. They were available on Azores Airlines’ website earlier today but I’m not sure what happened to them.

The flight operates Sunday-only from June 6 to September 26.

Checked it with ExpertFlyer and it’s displaying a 170-seat Economy configuration (and 16 Business Class) so it’s confirming the A321neo.


A321NEO, I don’t believe their A320s are ETOPS certified or have the safe range for Bermuda.

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Ah @Ishrion, I can always trust you to get the aircraft in configuration right! Thank you for your help!


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