Is this a problem or am I doing it wrong?

I was approaching a VOR that needed to be flowed at a heading of 180
and my flight plan approached it at heading 090, So i tuned into the VOR and on my CRS it put in 180
then i hit NAV1
but it made no turns no nothing
is this a problem, or am i just doing it wrong?

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Fin you could elaborate on your problem. I don’t really understand


@FLIGHT2, did you try setting your NAV source from NAV1 to NAV2?

No I did not
but when i tuned into the VOR, i put “Set Nav 1”

Then that’s what you’re missing. In order for the VOR to be set to NAV, you have to switch the autopilot source from GPS to NAV1 in order for the A/P to be activated.

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Ok then!
will try that

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