Is this a good speed?

Is this a good speed? On a B767? And will it go up?

When don’t have enough info. Good speed for what? Ascent? Cruise?

For curseing? And will the tailwind go up?

I’d say go down to Mach .82


Was the beginning a question? Typically I have found that the autopilot compensates for head/tailwinds

The cruising speed of the Boeing 767 is Mach 0.80.


Oh so just bring it down to .80 then?

Yep, if you want you can always go higher, though.

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I’m at FL320! Should I go up?

Up to you my friend.

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Right now u have a headwind which is lowering your ground speed value . So try going on to checkout the winds at different altitudes to choose wisely so that you have a tailwind or lower headwinds

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Maybe Mach .80/82 thats what the cruise speed is on the 767, correct me if i’m wrong.

Wait…wut? 😂


Yeah don’t mind that @BennyBoy_Alpha, I was writing this at 11pm I was tired!

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Ok thanks everyone! I landed safely in PHNL!


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