Is this a bug?

I’m a grade 3 I have 64,000xp and everytime I go into a expert server it says I am a grade 2. I’ve restarted the app like 5 times and it keeps saying the same thingimage

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Did you get ghosted a few days ago

That is very strange indeed …

Wierd… David could help maybe?

That’s so odd.
Try deleting the App. But before that, log out. Then just get the app again and login.
Perhaps this may help. I don’t know…

I doubt he would target an individual.

I meant if David could help

Idk ive never been ghosted before is that what happens?

I found out the problem I got ghosted. Even though I haven’t done anything wrong but okay

Usually you’d know you got ghosted, so that’s not the case here there might be some other issue, I guess I’ll let David handle it from here

Please use better topic titles, that reflect your issue. Apart from that, where were you when you got ghosted? Or if you don’t know, where were you last online on the expert server?

This can help track down the controller to know what you did wrong.

Hi every body, since my last update all the voices in infinity flight is like a robot any one have the same problem as me???

New topic for that, this is not knew big discussion of problems with IF. And also to save you the hassle of starting a new topic, the voices in IF have always been like that, it’s not like they have a big enough budget for voice actors like MSFS.

please do not piggyback another users support request, it ends up confusing things. open a new one for your specific issue. Also the voices come from your device Text To Speech engine and settings. They often sound robotic depending on what is being used on the device.

Well there you go. Problem solved. Contact the ATC team for Ghosting questions. :)

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