Is this a bug?

This airport shows as red, even though the visibility is good

What does it say when you press on the airport.

Nothing, just the text is red

I’ve been seeing this around as well. Can a mod confirm if this is a bug?

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it shows green for me

It should show white, just as any other airport

No it’s not a bug. It means that your aircraft is too big for the airport


Though with a 9000ft runway it should easily be able to take the 777. 787s have landed there…

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I know mate, im looking at all these tiny airports where you can land the 777, but not in my airport which is bigger… Well what can i say 😅

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It could be it’s not 100% accurate. I’m in a A350 rn and clicking on airports in which I know for a fact the airport won’t take the A3t0 and it shows red

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