Is this a bug?

Hello. On the Training Server last night, I was controlling KJFK ground and tower at the same time. I was giving the usual commands to aircraft, but then I noticed that someone else was also giving atc commands. Is this a bug or is this supposed to happen?


Could it have been approach control? Or departure?

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What frequency did you notice it on?

Like were they giving commands from what a ground controller would say or a tower controller would say?

You most likely tried to open the same frequency as someone else at the same time. For example, you tried to open ground and tower but someone else opened tower at the same time as you, so you could control ground but not tower. In this case, you would still be able to hear the commands tower was issuing.


The other controller was giving the same commands that I would issue.

Could you even issue any commands at all?

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Could you see the map or the flight strips?

Yes, I can issue commands and see the maps.

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