Is this a bug or a new part of the update

I unsure if this supposed to be a new addition with the most recent updates but I’ve notice when selecting the ALT SET option in the flight planning there is a 0 every time you select a waypoint and the ALT HLD option

IPhone 11
IOS 16


Ive noticed that too, and its kinda annoying - Especially when Im trying to remove VNAV waypoints when im climbing/ optimising descent. However, its just a visual thing, and makes no difference whether you write ‘02300’ or ‘2300’, the waypoint will be 2300feet.

Yeah its pretty annoying when trying to change altitudes…

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Yes this is soo annoying, I hope it will be fixed soon

Hate this I always thought I typed a 0

I don’t like it but I learned to overcome it. If you type in something like 02500 it will show up as 2500. But yeah I have to agree it has become frustrating

you shouldn’t have to, it needs to be fixed! If they intentionally changed it the question is why fix something that wasn’t broken? It was so nice to delete or change an altitude by hitting the waypoint, set alt, and ok and it was done. My autopilot told me I couldn’t descend because I edited one waypoint, and the altitude was changed to 783793 feet, and I’m like no no no I wanted 793 feet haha.

This only happens when I fly on my Ipad. I’m wondering if it’s an Apple/ IOS issue

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