Is this a bad thing?

Is it bad that I flew over a plane that was 1000 feet below me and was heading in the same direction as me?

No, that’s the minimum IFR seperation. 1000 FT, it’s fine.


No, not at all 1000 feet is the minimum distance that two planes can pass each other vertically you are all good.

Phew 😅 that’s a relief

No your fine, you have to be at least 1000 ft above or below an aircraft

The other aircraft is flying at the incorrect altitude for the direction they are flying in. (Even altitudes going West, Odd going East) You are doing everything correctly.


You need to be at an even altitude going west and an odd going east?

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Yup. RVSM airspace I believe it’s called.

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See post from Trio. For a heading of 233˚ such as what you’re doing, FL380 is correct.

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