Is there too much airplane and no utility?

Are you voicing your opinion just to see where others stand? Or are you angry about it? I feel it’s kind of hostile… I don’t understand why you want me to book an airport so you can see me fly an old plane? Trust me and the rest of the community when we say that people do fly them, myself included.

I can see where you come from with the opinion of “wasted space and RAM” but you don’t even have to download those planes anymore. So in reality, they are only there if you wish them to be… am I wrong?

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Nothing is thanks is just an idea to think about.
After all, IF does what it thinks best, but new app is appearing already meeting this demand. And the saddest is the IF copy.
This new app lets you create your fleet. I love the IF but this leaves a bit of sadness having. nothing of options.


Older planes are subject to reworking. All in all, infinite Flight has the correct “amount of planes”.

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I did not understand what you said.
Excuse me.
is an idea that is not critical, neither an obligation nor a complaint.
I have already gotten used to the IF in this way I think only that it can improve because everything evolves and this menu is bad and limited.

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New planes are being developed, but it takes time. Let’s all just be appreciative of what we have and be patient. The developers are working as hard as they can.😁😉

Sorry but I’m not ordering new planes.
They are doing it because that is evolving.
I’m asking for something simpler, take what does not work and is not used and can be done through voting if you want. And insert new company colors or even as some call uniform.
Appreciating what we have is weird to me. I’m not criticizing what exists, just saying it can improve.

A lot of people fly every aircraft. I used every aircraft and livery to get my landing count up for Grade 5.

I am grade 5 and only used the A380 for 1076 flights now that I am using other models and I am seeing this small problem in pro for example having an air france fleet with different models ie it does not.
An A330 that I can not have in the air france uniform however has a spitfire that God only knows what it is for. This is a criticism of this airplane, okay.

I get what you’re saying. In my opinion infinite flight was trying to just find its niche in the sim community without a real community or strong base of users. Flash forward to the present and we see how much the sim has grown in a short amount of time. This growth has come in number of users and community members as well as features in the sim. They didn’t have the ability to start with full working cockpits and highly detailed flight models but with the growth that they have experienced this is certainly something the sim is moving towards. Your critique is completely valid in my eyes and I’m sure this is something the Infinite Flight staff are aware of.

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None of the aircraft are “unusable”. All aircraft will receive a rework in the future, sooner or later.

You state that no one flies the spitfire. That is competely wrong. We IFATC love the spitfire because it allows us to perform extremely tight and quick patterns. Just because you do not want this plane and many others does not mean it should be removed. I simply do not comprehend why you do not want to keep the old planes in Infinite Flight. Is it that hard to ignore the planes you do not fly? The only one suffering here is you, and you will stay upset until you learn to be accepting of everyone’s aircraft choices.


The developers are also working on new liveries and reworks for all planes, which will come in the future. You shouldn’t think that having older planes available causes the chances of getting a new livery (like AirFrance for the 330, as you suggested) to diminish. New features will come, and the number or type of older aircraft do not affect that.

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Like I said in the post above read before.
I have withdrawn my criticism of the spitfire since I show it in him because until now I only see flying talk, I’ve never seen it in 3 years. And he just as others have no cockpit and I’ve flown with him.
This is of taste I do not want it to be removed I am only questioning that it has too much plane and use of less could change a little until to increase the use of the other existing models.
That’s why I also said above VOTE.

This is interesting but the question continues in how long?
Is this calculation in years or months?
which is faster:
1- uniform?
2 - new airplane?
I think number 1
Would upgrade the IF.

Thanks for understanding what I posted.
I do not care much, but sometimes it would be interesting to be able to vary but I do not like for example to change the company.
Give my suggestion in the form of thinking and I say more have more people who think like me because I went to see other app and there is one that is growing very fast and for giving this option so simple to users.

Let’s see if I got this right?

You want them to focus on adding more liveries, in more specific the Air France livery, to the A330, since adding livery takes less time than to make a brand new plane?

Also that they should rework, or as you call it, upgrade physics on old planes to and make them better, like the cockpit and etc… so they meet the same standard as other planes in the game such as 787, instead of focusing on new planes because making new planes take longer.

You basically want them to upgrade (rework) old planes and make new liveries so more people use planes that “no one flies”?

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And that’s just my idea, thanks for understanding.
It does not need to be air france I think it has more choices for everyone.

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Yeah, no worries, I understand.

I suppose all of this will happen at some point. It is just very difficult to say when, but surely one day those planes that are older will be upgraded too so they meet the standard of newer planes in IF.

How long that will take is quite impossible to say, since different airplanes are different much old, not all are 5 or 3 years old, the age of these aircraft vary and so does their functionality too. So with that said, it can take different amount of time for each old aircraft to be upgraded (reworked).

But with time, we will see those older aircraft getting reworked and surely then you’ll see more pilots flying them than today. Even though there are people who fly them today as well, but in the future the number of people flying them may row since the aircraft will be reworked and feel like a new plane :)

The developers are working all year round to give us the best quality product, so they will eventually being to work on new projects when the current ones are done, so in the sense the older planes will get reworked when the time is right.

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Attention in a new airplane takes a long time.
Look at the A350.
For example, to fix the hole in the cockpit of the A380 or the darkness in the cockpit of the 777 I do not want anything incredible just non-irritating.
You are inside the A320 the night is pleasant now think 10 hours of night flight in 777 everything dark is boring.

The 777 is in the modeling stages of being reworked, so the lighting inside the cockpit should be fixed when the rework is done, so that should be one annoyance removed from your list in the coming year, most likely.

And I’m sure when the A350 is done, you’ll love to fly it as well, since it will be new, detailed and full with brand new functionalities added. It’ll be a great addition to fly in IF :)

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