Is there such thing called ''Doing it wrong'' in IF?

Firstly, I would like to say that flying the A380 is more difficult compared to flying any other aircraft especially when it’s very heavy. The most difficult part is to takeoff, which I have to use so much trim (80%), flaps 2 and use 98% N1 just to get the aircraft airborne without losing speed during its climb out.

Secondly, someone said that I’m doing it wrong by using so much trim and only about 20% trim is needed. I’ve tried using 20% trim and I realised that the less trim I use the higher my inputs.

Lastly, if my aircraft can takeoff and gain speed slowly with accordance to V2+15 kts and not lose speed and eventually stalling, am I doing it correctly?

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Realistically no, but you may have to exaggerate some things in IF to compensate for the lower quality in physics and controls that comes with the age of the aircraft being developed.


Yes, a fully loaded A380 is a bit of a thing to get into the air.
80% trim sounds a lot though. But if the little purple line in the trip is disappearing with that setting, then I guess you’re fine. For a very long flight, it’s good to consume fuel sparingly, and I think its a good practice to keep good control of your throttle. Letting speed incease gently is the way to go I think.

So: all good if you ask me :-)


That being said, there’s not much I can do other than to blame the aircraft for being old?

At 80% trim the pink line disappears at about 10 - 12 degrees of pitch under normal sensitivity. I also don’t think I’m doing things wrongly except being unrealistic.

I trim my plane 10 % for takeoff and leave it on 10% for the whole flight that works for me and don’t Pull back to fast around 160 -170 knots

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A heavily loaded A380 could do with flaps 3 for takeoff.

I would’ve done that but it’ll add a lot of drag and it is more inefficient during climb out.

It’s useful just for getting airborne. After that switch back to 2. I know flaps 3 are used for heavy takeoffs in real life.

Unless you’re on a very short runway, use a little flaps(flaps 1+F) as possible for the best climb rate at take off, yes this will increase your rotation speed/take off roll but once the plane is in the air, you will be able to climb & accelerate faster since there is less drag.

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