Is there such thing as a CRJ-100?

Hello fellow community members! I have always asked and wondered about Bombardier’s CRJ series and why I have really never heard about a CRJ-100. I have flown on every CRJ variant unless there is a so-called -100. This is one of my reasons for wanting to know. I do know that Bombardier has made a Callenger 604 which looks like a CRJ-100, but just as a corporate jet.

I do have a picture that shows what a Challenger 604 looks like.⬇️

It looks rather “stubbed” and doesn’t really need a window exit like the CRJ-200:

But this is just what I see. Tell me what you think of this and if Bombardier hasn’t made a CRJ-100, should they?

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Read this-


The is a Bombardier Challenger CRJ-100 i believe


But its a private jet its not for airlines.


Yeah, it’s corprate, no airlines have them currently I believe


I am just comparing the size and similarity of the aircraft. Plus I didn’t know if Bombardier made a -100.

The CRJ100 is the original 50-seat version. It is equipped with General Electric CF34-3A1 engines. Operators include Air Georgian and RwandAir, among others.
Passenger-to-freighter conversion of CRJ100.
Executive passenger conversion of CRJ100.


I have but to me it looks like the same aircraft that just took up a different name.🤷‍♂️

Yes, there is, one flies from Pittsburgh to Toronto a few times daily I think…

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Does it look the same as the -200?

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Ok getting off for the night. Sorry and goodnight.

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Which airline? Not showing up on google flights.


They seem to do it fairly interchangeably with the -200ER…


Ya, pretty much…

Very similar…

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Ohh ok! Also, @JT_Playz, use this for specs and more info on the CRJ-100.

BOMBARDIER Regional Jet CRJ-100 | SKYbrary Aviation Safety


The CRJ100 is simply a 200 with worse specs and I think worse engines. Air Canada flies one to St. Louis pretty often although they send a 200 every once an a while.


Ok cool. Didn’t know. I always thought it would be “stubbed” more than a -200. Thanks!👍

Yes there is CRJ100,Rwandair operates them…

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Nice! I’ll search up a pic and see what they look like compared to a -200.

EDIT: It does kind of look like a -200. Just want to know if there are any differences. :)

The wikipedia article says the CRJ 100 and 200 are the same thing. Except the 200 performs better thanks to different engines, so Bombardier discontinued production of the 100

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