Is there something wrong with my textures (a330 cockpit)?

So I use an iPhone 8+ with max graphics settings (4x high) with anti-aliasing turned off and 30 fps limiter on. I know anti-aliasing off results in ‘rougher’ images but I don’t think that’s the issue here. The upper panels above the PFD of both the left and right hand side of the cockpit seem to have very low-res textures of which I have only noticed now upon loading my 3rd a330 flight. This leads me to believe the issue just arose now. I had to download the aircraft just prior since I had never used the Srilankan livery before, but the same could be said about my past two flights (used Brussels airlines and Cebu). I’ve taken a couple of screenshots of my cockpit and compared it to textures found in IF’s offical 21.4 reveal trailer. Any thoughts?


My game:




Don’t quite know, but I see it as it’s used

I’m pretty sure these are reflections. If you change the time of day/ parking location, I suspect they would go away.

I’ll pass the issue on for you though :)

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i just said they’re all on high in my first sentence

I really don’t think they are reflections. Looks the same at any time of day

Okay no worries. Ill pass it on regardless

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I noticed that too during my flight today.

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This is why I only fly at the noon time setting. Once you get to low sun angles, the cockpit textures start to look like this, not just in the A330 but other live cockpits as well (other airbuses and I know the 777 does it as well). Change the time to noon and it will go away.

kinda surprised i didnt attract the attention of a mod lol

Go to the Graphics section in the main menu, not in the game. Then found Textures sections. Check if this is at High.

Probably because I’ve passed on the issue and they’re determining the severity and whether it needs fixing 😄

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Bro, everything is. the 77W cockpit looked fine yesterday

For little sure. Not bro. i’m woman. and then idk…