Is there someone that is familiar in autopilot system can help to answer my question?

So I was flying SQ24 from WSSS to JFK. Because it is an 18 hours+ flight so I just left my iPad to run it. However I was out for dinner when the plane already arrived above JFK. When I check my flight through LiveFlight. I found something strange happens— I was expecting my flight will continue do 360 above JFK/ fly the last heading that the LNAV set for the AP. However, the plane did not did what I expect and instead flying directly to the south. Luckily when I came back to home the plane still got barely enough fuel to go back JFK ( only 2% left) So why the plane will directly fly to the south? Can someone explain this? TYSM!🙏🏻

Hey, can we possibly have a closer look at the flightplan around KJFK? There’s a chance that a southbound turn nearby may have triggered the aircraft to continue south.

This should be those final few waypoint before arriving to KJFK (I use flight planner to help me plan the route so it should be the same)

Also I do have another question. I saw some people could let their plane continue to do 360 above the airport when they were afking . How they can do that thing?

Set a flight plan to do circles, or I believe the A/P will try and repeat the FPL… Not sure.

The plane does 360s when the turn is too sharp to make when they are flying at 500kts GS. When a turn is (relatively) sharp, which most approaches have, the plane won’t be able to turn, does a circle to try again, misses, circles, and so on.

So just add a few sharp turns and it will keep doing circles as the turns are way too sharp to make.

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