Is there clouds in infinite flight?

Hello community …

Today when i was flying in infinte flight by B787 Saudia airlines , Something caught my attentionIn in the tail of the plane, it’s reflection of the sky with clouds on the tail of the plane …

This picture was at 36,000 feet

This another picture on the ground

So… Do you think the clouds were hidden to avoid problems in the game?

Will it be added to the game?

Your opinion matters! Please leave a comment below…

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Interesting. Idk what to think really. I wish we would get some

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What livery is that, and what aircraft?

Also, yes. Clouds are currently in development.

@Altaria55 ☝️


You know how when you’re flying the horizon is blue-ish white. That’s the reflection you’re seeing. But clouds are in development. Another thing those lines idk if they’re part of the tail or what’s going on back there😂


@Alphadog4646 Try and you will find that there are clouds

@Altaria55 B787-9 Saudia

If clouds were really in game, the devs would have made an announcement. Since no announcement has arrived, we can infer that clouds are still in development.


Nice pic tho

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Its a monster!

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No not yet. Devs have said many times that they’re working on it so be patient.

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It’s suttle so is say it’s just there for livery realism aka reflection realism if that’s a thing 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Reflections were recently optimised for clouds in the last update but they will be here soon

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