Is there anyway of gifting infinite flight subscriptions?


is there any way of gifting infinite flight subscriptions without using the google play/ apple gift cards etc

wanted to buy some for some twitch streamers so they could try sim or give away in a giveaway?.

Unfortunately you can’t gift subscriptions. Maybe email them a gift card code or DM them it too. You can’t No

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the best way would be to send a apple gift card or a google play store gift card

I know there is a way to send the app as a gift but a subscription I do not know without a gift card

Also you could send them money via pay-pal and they can by themselves!

but i want to know that they’re actually going to used towards infinite flight tho. Especially if they’re being given away on stream etc

You really can’t. Trust them, but it’s risky now-days


After some brief research, I believe it isn’t possible to gift a subscription; but you can gift the application. The way to do this is attached, via link, below.

App Store (iOS): Steps can be found here, and the simulator here.

Google Play Store (Android): Steps can be found here, and the simulator here.


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