Is there anything that I should do to prepare for flight school

I was just thinking about how I can prepare for flight school. Not in the terms of financial preparation but preparing for all the work involved in flight training?

I am in flight school too

I just be confident, ready


Don’t focus on any mistakes you make. If you do, you’ll keep making mistakes.


Be ready to study! I would recommend getting a practice software like Sheppard Air to do practice questions and tests on. It really helped me with my private and instrument written.

Edit: Go ahead and start memorizing A Tomato Flames and Flaps


Study study study.

Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Airplane Flying Handbook

First book tells you how the airplane flies the second tells you how to fly the airplane.


I have multiple topics about this! Check out my profile to find them

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That is facts!


Don’t be scared to correct yourself. Instructors love it when you correct yourself.


Obviously, Flying Schools in the US and UK are very different, but these apply to flying in general:

  • Aviate, Navigate, Communicate. In no other order, ever. E.g, don’t bother calling final, if your airplane isn’t configured!

  • Ask your instructors questions, if he tells you to do something, ask him/her why, its useful to know why things are happening, for future reference.

  • Always be ahead of the airplane, plan ahead.

  • Don’t be scared of talking to Air Traffic Controllers, they are there to help you, and other pilots on frequency couldn’t care less if you take ages to ask for taxi or whatever, at the end of the day, we have all got to start somewhere.

  • Have some knowledge on the airplane you will be flying beforehand, this could be having a look at what checklists your school uses, and memorise some of the memory items on the checklist, its always nice to impress your instructor.

  • Don’t wear a High-Vis inside the airplane, throw it in the back-seat! You’ll know why, not soon after you start flight training, there is bound to be some Old-School pilot who will tell you why not to!

  • Have fun!



Speak facts bro

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