Is there anyone with settings similar to a Sensitivity with a reaction time similar to a real Aircraft?

Dear Community,

I just needed someone’s sensitivity settings or maybe settings that I can use to promote a smooth flight. I just wanted the simulator to have a reaction time similar to a real life Aircraft. I have yet to find a perfect sensitivity to perfect that realism. By any chance, is their anyone that would be willing to show their settings that promote that realism and smoothness? It would be greatly appreciated! ;)

@Captain_Ian :)


I highly doubt that’s realistic. IF sensitivities are very powerful and yours is very high. Mine are nearly at 0 and still very sensitive compared to real life. But @Captain_Ian sensitivities are different in each aircraft irl. So it’s quite hard to get a perfectly accurate sensitivities. What I suggest is playing around with it until you find what you’re comfortable with. Sensitivities are also very different from device to device. I used to fly on an iPhone 11 and needed a medium amount of sensitivity. However when I moved to an iPad I found it to be way more sensitive and my sensitivities are almost at 0. Again it’s mostly personal preference

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I mean, I put small inputs, or large inputs depending on the aircraft

Thanks! I also felt like his settings were very sensitive 😭

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Maybe turn down your sensitivity bud 😀😂

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I only adjusted pitch sensitivity to half of default, and it worked well for me–balancing simulation and realistic handling

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