Is there any way to see time spent controlling?

Hey everyone. I was wondering today if there was any way to check how much time you spent being an air traffic controller just like how long your flight was. Thank you. :)

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If you quit your session and then quickly open the ATC select menu, you will be able to see how much time you spent as an ATC in the current session.


In the ATC menu, when selecting an airport, you can see who is controlling this, and how long he has been on.
@Thomas_G is explaining a little trick here, which is based on IF taking some time to ‘release’ the ATC after he closes. So, after closing your ATC session, if you go quickly back to that airport in the ATC menu, you may see yourself still as the controller, showing the amount of time you were there. Again, it’s a trick, and you need to be fast.

As far as I’m aware, there is no other way to see how long your ATC session was.

I would suggest though, to focus on your Operations counter, rather than time. If you note down your Ops count (top-right of your screen in ATC menu) before you start controlling, you can work out how many ops you did during your session.

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As an IFATC, to make sure I hit my time limits I just write down on my notes on paper or my phone my time when I opened, its essential as we have time limits and that a fool proof way!

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Thank you very much 🙃🙃

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